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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sprint for Beacon Hill

The four candidates for governor of Massachusetts squared off against one another in the final televised debate last night at the New England Conservatory of Music. The debate was moderated by Cokie Roberts and featured Democratic candidate Deval Patrick, the current Lt. Governor and Republican candidate Kerry Healey, Independent Christy Mihos, and Grace Ross who represents the Green/rainbow party.

The debate started off with a discussion on gay marriage and whether or no the people of Massachusetts have the right to vote on the matter. Healey and Mihos agreed in allowing the people to vote on the matter. On the other hand Patrick and Ross believe that the voters should not be allowed to vote on the matter of same sex marriage. Healey and Mihos believe that since the voters have collected thousands of signatures (some through illegal means, which they failed to mention) that they should represent and follow the will of the people. Patrick and Ross argue that it was the court's decision and that it grants people equal protection before the state, and that the people should not have a say in whether or not those rights are allowed.

The night was full of accusations of lying coming primarily from the two main party candidates, Patrick and Healey. Healey focused in on Deval's involvement in the now infamous Benjamin LaGuer rape case, his work as a federal prosecutor, and his proposed spending. "Its about telling the truth, and that is something a governor must do. A governor must be able to look the people of the Commonwealth in the eye and tell the truth, even when it isn't convenient...You need to start telling the truth."

An angry Patrick countered by pointing out the Romney-Healey administration's policy failures and Healey's negative, insulting television ads. "You are better than the campaign you have run," Patrick explained. "But I will tell you that you spend all this time trying to distract us all from the record of failed leadership on the economy, on education, and healthcare, and then you stand over there and talk to me - preach to me - about telling the truth."

A visibly frustrated Grace Ross felt as though the two third party candidates weren't being totally engaged in this debate. "Since these two don't believe in democracy, Christy, I'll ask you a question," a comment which brought quite a few chuckles from the crowded hall. Later she asked the Lt. Governor a question, "...even though it seems as though she doesn't know I am here." As a peace offering, Deval Patrick's next question was directed to Ross, with an apology for making him and Healey the focus of the debate. She focused on

And of course, who can forget about the lovable comedic stylings of Christy Mihos. Mihos criticized Healey's ratio of 13:1 in schools across Massachusetts, claiming that that figure is inaccurate because she included all the school district's administrators, and staff into that figure. Mihos at one point asked Kerry Healey to drop out of the race and support him since she clearly had no chance at victory. To which she responded with a smile, "Christy, I've got 50 good ideas to move this Commonwealth forward."

"And I've got one, for you to leave right now, and I'll move it forward," laughed Mihos. To which Kerry replied, "You've got one idea, and Deval has none." A comment which had mixed reactions from the crowd.

Deval seemed to get the last word in regarding the threat of one party rule in Kerry Healey's ads. "I don't think the people are excited about one party rule in Massachusetts. I that that what people are excited about is leadership, and we haven't had that in some while here, and it shows." He went on in his closing statement about how he is a candidate running on hope, and that he hasn't gotten this far by "tearing anybody down. That's not who I am. I'm not trying to scare anyone into voting for me."

Healey closed out by asking the voters to think about "...what it would mean to have Deval Patrick in office instead of me. And I want to let you to know that I will always tell the truth, I will be a strong leader, and I will make sure the people of this Commonwealth are protected."

MY OPINION: Vote Deval Patrick for governor of Massachusetts. Kerry Healey's negative attack ads have completely sickened me. They are false and meant to frighten voters. "Look out! Deval Patrick helped uphold the justice system by defending rapists in court!" Please, don't let Kerry Healey's fear campaign influence your vote. I commend Deval Patrick for not stooping to the level of his opponent by throwing the mud back. Together we can, and together we will make Massachusetts a leader in education, industry, and equality again!

The Commonwealth Comment hereby officially endorses Democrat Deval Patrick for governor.


  • I think the people should have a say in the gay marriage issue. The courts exist to serve the will of the people.

    By Blogger Lynette, At 1:46 PM  

  • The court is also there to ensure equal protection under the constitution.

    By Blogger James O'Leary, At 1:54 PM  

  • Only if it is the will of the people.

    By Blogger Lynette, At 6:35 PM  

  • The court is mostly there to interpret the law and ensure that it is followed to its spirit and intent.

    My personal feelings on gay marriage aside, John Adams didn't intend for it to be okay for he and Alexander Hamilton to take the vows if Abby died.

    If the court wishes to change the intent of the law, the people need to enact a new law.

    The people can't enact a new law if their legislature doesn't allow them to.

    The General Court intentionally pushed the vote back until after the election. Suffice to say, based on today's vote, some of yesterday's winners may have been losers if they'd voted their conscience when originally asked to,

    That is how representative democracy was intended to work.

    By Blogger Mike, At 4:12 AM  

  • If the people were allowed to vote on civil rights there wouldn't be any civil rights. Same-sex marriage hasn't changed Massachusetts in any way and I'mm tired of people carrying on about it. Can we get to the real issues facing the Commonwealth?

    By Blogger James O'Leary, At 12:18 PM  

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