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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Deval's New Duds

Deval Patrick has spent $27,000 refurnishing his new State House office. Expensive new drapes, a new desk, and new chair and other furniture. He also ditched Mitt Romney's old Crown Victoria and leased a new $46,000 Cadillac DTS.
Initially these things were being paid for with tax money. But, after intense criticism from the Republican minority and the local media, Patrick has announced that he will be paying for all of the changes to the corner office. He will be paying the difference between the Cadillac and the Crown Victoria which come out to about $540 each month.
Patrick defended his spending on the office pointing out that the furniture that was in the office had belonged to Mitt Romney and had since been removed. The new car was leased because State Police suggested that Patrick have a car with more power rather than a hybrid model he had originally said he would purchase during his campaign. Aides told the press that the new models of the Crown Victoria did not meet State Police security standards for the governor.
One local political editor sarcastically suggested that the governor visit IKEA.

My Opinion: Patrick has done the right thing by paying back the cost for his office and car. I really don't see what the huge deal was in the first place. Mitt Romney used the State Police to escort a Red Sox catcher from the airport, through traffic, and to Fenway Park just minutes before the game was set to start. Talk about a waste of tax payer money. So, if you're going to point a finger at one politician, point at every politician. The governor's office is not a dorm room, IKEA just won't cut it.
As for the car I am reminded of a scene from Men In Black II. When reading this quote think of Deval Patrick as Will Smith the slick, smooth talkin' black guy, and Mitt Romney as Tommy Lee Jones, the old white guy.

Smith: What are you doing?
Jones: I always do the driving.
Smith: Oh, no.
Jones: I remember that.
Smith: No, you drive that old busted joint. I drive... the new hotness.
[pointing at Jones]
Smith: Old and busted.
[pointing at himself]
Smith: New hotness.

So let Deval enjoy his new hotness in peace. He's apologized and admitted his mistake publicly and he's paying for the makeovers with his own money. Now can we deal with real issues and not how the governor decorates?


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