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Friday, November 17, 2006

PS3 Insanity

The newest edition to the Sony PlayStation family was released today. PlayStation 3 now joins its now seemingly ancient brothers PlayStation 1 & 2 as well as PSP in what is now one of the most popular gaming consoles.

The newest system is selling for $500-$600. Sony is justifying the high price by asserting that PS3 is an entertainment system, not just a video game console. It allows its owners to hook up to the internet, watch DVDs, listen to CD's and play video games. The new PS3 is able to hook up to HiDef televisions, so now you can play video games with even scarier detail. It comes with either a 20GB or 60GB removable hard disk drive, your choice of which size. It also allows its owner to play older PS 1 & 2 video games on it, however, there is a bug in the system that may interrupt that feature. It costs anywhere from $50-$60 per video game.

Intense video game fanatics have been camping out all week in front of local electronic stores such as Best Buy and Circuit City in order to be the first ones in line for the new PS3. Of course people sitting outside with credit cards or $500 or more in cash are going to attract less than welcome visitors. Such was the case for one unlucky Webster, Massachusetts man camping outside a Wal-Mart in Putnam, Connecticut. Two armed robbers confronted a group of people and demanded their money. Michael Penkala of Webster resisted and was shot twice, once in the chest and once in the shoulder. Penkala is reported to be hospitalized at UMass Medical Center with non life threatening injuries. According to the Daily News " A Best Buy in Boston, aware it had only 140 of the consoles, got smart. — Its employees gave out tickets to the first 140 people in line so everyone could go home."

There are currently bids on eBay for PS3 consoles going for $3,000 or more. There is one PlayStation3 on sale on eBay for $10,000.

Here's a link to Time Magazine's take on PlayStation 3
PS3: Don't Waste Your Money

My Opinion: GET A LIFE!!! Move out of your mom's basement and get a life, a job, a girlfriend, something! If all you have to do in life is camp outside a store for a week to get a video game, you seriously need help. Don't get me wrong, I love video games! I own a Game Cube, a GameBoy, and when I was younger a N64 and Sega Genesis, but they're not my life. They're fun, but they're not worth $500-$600 dollars just for the console. Then you have to buy extra controllers and games. It can all add up to well over $1,000 dollars. I'm sorry, but that's too much money for video games. Once again, I apologize but I'm not gonna get shot over a stupid PS3 either. Is it really worth it? I'm sure the graphics are cool and the games are fun, but that money is my rent, my tuition, my books, my groceries, my T pass, the list goes on. How can anyone justify spending this much money on a video game? Someone PLEASE tell me!!!


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