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Monday, April 23, 2007

Bye Bye Boris

Russia has become a little darker today. Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin died at the age of 76.
Yeltsin is credited with restoring democracy in Russia after decades of communism. He came to power in 1991, but after eight years and unsuccessful attempts at reform he resigned in 1999. Russia during the 90's was much more Pro-America and Pro-West. While, social and political corruption in Russia was running rampant, relations between the two largest super powers had improved greatly since the end of the Cold War.

One of Yeltsin's greatest accomplishments was the establishment of a free press. When he turned over power to current President Vladimir Putin, many of his accomplishments were reversed, including a free press. Russia is once again become a growing threat to the Western way of life.

Yeltsin was good friends with former President Bill Clinton. Click here for more on Boris Yeltsin.

My Opinion: From what I have read about Boris Yeltsin, it seems as though he really believed in the idea, hopes, and goals of democracy (despite blowing Parliament up with tanks).

He got Russia started on the right path, but the corruption inside the government was too much to overcome; he couldn't rebuild the country after the crumbling of the USSR. It's sad to see what little he did accomplish undone by Putin.

I have to be careful about what I say regarding Putin. Isn't it odd that all of his critics wind up with some kind of radioactive poisoning, or are mysteriously murdered?


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