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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Imus Gets Canned

After days of controversy, CBS has fired radio talk show host Don Imus.
It all started when Imus called the players of the Rutger's women's basketball team "nappy headed hos". The comment sparked outrage among African American leaders and feminists. They called for Imus' immediate dismissal.

Imus apologized profusely for his insensitive comments. He met with the Reverend Al Sharpton, on Sharpton's radio program. Sharpton said that Imus' apology wasn't enough, and wanted him removed from the airwaves.
Imus met privately with the Rutger's basketball team and their coach, Vivian Stringer hours after being fired. The team decided to accept Imus' apology.

"...he came [to the meeting] in spite of the fact that he lost his job. So let's give him credit for that," Stringer said.

The future of Don Imus in the world of broadcasting remains unclear.

My Opinion: Don Imus should not have been fired. I realize that his comments were racist, sexist, and inexcusable. However, they do fall under the protection of the First Amendment.

If Don Imus is going to be fired for spouting off on the radio, then all shock jocks should be removed from their posts. Howard Stern is just as offensive as any radio personality, and he still has a job. He makes millions of dollars making lude comments and exploiting women on air.

Don Imus should not have been removed by CBS. A suspension, fine by CBS and the FCC, and a public apology would have been enough. What he said was wrong, but nothing you say is illegal. That's #1 on the Bill of Rights for a reason.


  • You mentioned Howard Stern.... there is a key difference between the radio shows of Don Imus and Howard Stern: Imus' is on public radio, where anyone and their mother can listen for free. Stern's show can be found on subscription-based satellite radio. With Imus now free from his CBS contract, its only a matter of time before he signs a similar deal, and continues his hateful radio show for the masses.

    It's the same kind of thing as broadcast television vs. basic cable television vs. premium cable television. As the audience narrows, you can do more crap.

    By Blogger Timm, At 10:25 PM  

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