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Friday, June 29, 2007

Long Time No See!

I'm sorry about not posting anything in almost a month! I've been really lazy. My sincerest apologies. So, let's catch up on all of the news that has happened in June! I've thrown in my opinion just for fun!

Paris is out of jail after being released and thrown back in. Who cares? Not me.

An immigration bill that would've granted over 12 million illegal immigrants citizenship failed to pass in the Senate this week. The bipartisan bill was supported by President Bush.

Professional Wrestler Chris Benoit was found dead in his Georgia home this week with his family. It is believed that Benoit strangled his wife Nancy, smothered his 7 year old son Daniel the next day, and finally hung himself using wire from a weight lifting machine.

Gay marriage will not be put on the 2008 ballot in Massachusetts after it failed to pass a consecutive vote in the legislature. Score one for Deval Patrick!

The United States Supreme Court has made a whole bunch of decisions. Here's the opinions of the Justices on the recent cases: CLICK ME!!!

Senator John Kerry said that he is in favor of bringing back the Fairness Doctrine. It requires that radio and TV talk show hosts give equal air time to the other side of a story. The doctrine was repealed in 1986 and conservatives have dominated the airwaves ever since. Now that the "liberals" are trying to clean up the airwaves and make talk radio progressive, they are being accused of attacking free speech and trying to eliminate talk radio all together. Disgusting.

The White House is being subpoenaed for the firings of prosecutors. The White House is citing "executive privilege" and refusing to turn over any requested documents. My question is, if the White House has done nothing wrong, what is there to hide?

The space shuttle returned safely after a mission to the International Space Station.

Tony Blair has officially stepped down as Prime Minister of Britain after serving for 10 years. Gordon Brown is the newest Prime Minister.

That's all I can really think of right now. Let me know if I missed anything. I will do my best to keep up with the blog.


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