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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rats Fleeing A Sinking Ship

In recent weeks there have been announcements about some of President Bush's most loyal aides resigning from their offices.

Political mastermind and Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove announced his resignation to take effect on August 31st.

Press Secretary and former Fox news reporter Tony Snow will be stepping down from his post in September.

Rove is best known for his political maneuvering during Bush's 2000 and 2004 presidential campaigns. Critics call his tactics slimy and unethical. Others call him a genius. It is unclear why Rove is leaving the Administration. He claims that he wishes to spend more time teaching and writing. Many others believe that Rove saw the President failing and losing favor in the country at a rapid pace. Rove was also on the verge of being investigated numerous times for his involvement in the firings of several US attorneys and the White House E-Mail Scandal. 2008 presidential candidate John Edwards was pleased to see Rove go. In a released statement on August 13th (when the Wall Street Journal reported Rove's resignation), Edwards simply said "Goodbye, good riddance."

As for Snow, the only reason he is leaving is because of his poor health. He took a brief leave of absence to undergo chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. He was a controversial choice for Press Secretary because of his work for the conservatively bias Fox News.

Many political editors believe that the resignation of these figures marks the end of the Bush presidency, and that he (the President) has fallen into lame duck status.

My Opinion: Goodbye, good riddance.

Mr. Rove I hope you go to jail for what you have done to your country for political gain and greed. Alas, I don’t believe that day will come as long as George is still around to pardon you.

Mr. Snow you were supposed to be a journalist. Yet, with Fox News there is no such thing. Instead, you fed the nation and your colleagues a series of lies handed down by the president. I pray you recover from your battle with cancer quickly.

The sooner George W. Bush is a lame duck, the sooner this country can move forward.


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