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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Peace on Earth?

After intense criticism, the Loma Lynda Homeowners Association of a subdivision in a suburb of Denver has withdrawn a threat to fine a woman $25 dollars a day for a Christmas wreath she hung on the side of her house. A wreath is no big deal, but this wreath was in the shape of a peace sign, and has the community split over it.

Lisa Jensen was informed in a letter from the Association that she would have to remove her Christmas wreath from her house, because it was a violation of the rules. The letter read: "Loma Lynda residents are offended by the peace sign displayed on the front of your house. ... This Board will not allow any signs, flags etc. that can be considered divisive."

The president of the Association, Bob Kearns, said that he had received complaints about the apparent anti-war wreath, and that some residents saw it as a Satanic symbol. Kearns asked the association's architectural control committee to require Jensen to remove the wreath. The committee refused saying that the wreath sported a season message and nothing more. Kearns then fired all five members of the committee.

"I honestly wasn't thinking of the Iraq war. Peace is way bigger than not being at war. This is a spiritual thing. I am not going to take it down until after Christmas. Now that it has come to this, I feel I can't get bullied. What if they don't like my Santa Claus?" Jensen said.

My Opinion: Wow. Has it really come to this? Are people really this stupid?
Christmas = Peace. "Peace on Earth and mercy mild..." "Sleep in Heavenly peace..." Any of these songs ringing bells?! To begin to see the peace sign as a Satanic symbol is disgusting. It has a bright red bow on it! How evil is that? If anything it's Santa-nic I bet no one knew that the Christmas Tree has pagan origins. Check it out: Origins of the Christmas Tree

Damn these peace loving people for waging their War on Christmas! I bet this Hippie says "Happy Holidays" too! Damn her tolerance! What does she think Christmas is all about? Peace? Love? Charity? Acceptance of fellow human beings?

Oh yea...I guess it is.


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