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Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Improbable Dream Come True

Today, on the steps of the Massachusetts State House history was made in front of a crowd of citizens. Deval L. Patrick was sworn in at the Commonwealth's 71st governor. He became the first African-American governor in Massachusetts history and only the second in United States history. It was also the first inauguration of a governor held outside in Massachusetts history.

History proved to be a common theme with in today's ceremony. Patrick was sworn in on a special Bible held by his wife. The Bible belonged to former President, and Massachusetts native John Quincy Adams. It was sent to Adams by captives from the slave ship, Amistad. Adams successfully defended the slaves in the 1840's before the nation's Supreme Court. "As a gesture of thanks and respect, the Africans gave Adams a Bible, called the Mendi Bible, after their tribal homeland," explained Patrick.

Patrick began his inaugural address by thanking all the people that have helped him throughout his life. "My journey here has been an improbable one. From a place where hope withers, through great schools and challenging opportunities, to this solemn occasion, I have been supported and loved and lifted up. And I thank the family, the mentors, the teachers – every one of whom is here today in body or in spirit – just as I thank the tens of thousands of campaign volunteers and millions of voters across the Commonwealth who shared this improbable journey with me."

Deval Patrick closed his address echoing a common theme used throughout his campaign; Togetherness. "To the earliest settlers of this Commonwealth, as we have been reminded on a couple of occasions today, this Commonwealth was their shining “City on a Hill.” To this kid from the South Side of Chicago, Massachusetts is my shining city on a hill. For every mother living month to month; for every student struggling to get through school; for every dad working two jobs and wondering which one is going to be shipped overseas; for every fisherman wondering whether this year’s catch will do; for every immigrant wondering whether the American Dream is a myth; for every teacher, every bus driver, every government clerk, every firefighter, every small business owner doing your best and wondering whether anyone appreciates you; for every one of God’s children who calls Massachusetts home – let’s rebuild our “city on a hill,” and make it shine again."
My Opinion: I'm looking forward to Deval's time in office. He is a refreshing change from the cold and closed Romney-Healey administration. He seems open to all points of view and wants everyone in the state to participate in his administration. When was the last time any politician encouraged such an idea? The way he speaks is extremely inspiring. I'm proud to live in Massachusetts, because as Deval pointed, Massachusetts invented America. This history rich Commonwealth has always been on the forefront of innovation and civil rights. I hope to be a part in the rebuilding of our shining "city on a hill", and I urge everyone in the state to do the same, because together we can, and together we will!
Congratulations Governor Patrick and good luck!
God save the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


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